6 Advantages of Online Personal Loan

Nowadays, consumers have the possibility to get a fast loan without leaving home and using the internet. Popularly called online loan, it is new to the Brazilian market. After all, what is the best about personal loans from traditional banks and how to get it?

Advantages of Online Personal Loan

1. No need to leave home

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Are you busy waiting for that internet purchase for your business and can’t leave? At the same time, do you need to apply for a loan you want to use as working capital to give your business a breath, or to make a debt transfer? If you opt for the online personal loan you can do this while waiting for your application or doing something else.

One of the main complaints that people make when it comes to going to the banks is the long lines, because in addition to taking up a lot of time, the tiredness and stress they generate erode the institution’s relationship with the customer. This does not happen when making an online loan because the hiring process is virtual, so no queues and wherever you are.


2. Interest Rates

When you apply for a personal loan online, in addition to having more time to search, you can still find lower rates.


3. Possibility of comparison

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Without leaving home you compare the rates of the institutions. Imagine if you had to go to various locations (physically) to find out which one has the best offer?


4. Time

No queue, whenever you need it and wherever you are. Online personal loan saves you money by paying less fees, and time, a lot of time. It takes just minutes to place your order and receive pre-approval and then you submit all the documentation over the internet. You don’t have to leave home, it’s very easy.

In banks, a credit review may take days and in some cases may take more than a week. The main reason for these long periods of time is the bureaucratic processes of banks. For sites that offer fast online loan , this delay is virtually nonexistent.

At Needico, for example, the average analysis time is three minutes. This ends up making the entire hiring process extremely agile and much more advantageous. Do you know why high interest rates? No? Learn more about it here!


5. Transparency

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All information is available before you sign the loan agreement and even though the service is completely online, you can still talk to the call center. Best of all, this can be done via social media, email or phone.


6. A personalized interest rate for the personal loan.

Because the transaction is entirely digital, online lending sites are able to offer lower interest rates than banks, which makes borrowers more attractive.

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