Credit simulation: get the cheapest loan


Consumer credit simulation

Consumer credit simulation

The credit comparator that we offer was initially built on the basis of consumer credit simulation. We compare all the offers of the biggest financial organizations like Viloan or Bankate. But we have enlarged it to include the possibility of simulating mortgage and credit repurchase. This is the best way to get cheap credit online, provided you go through a real comparator.

A real comparator

Indeed, many competitors are content to offer similar rankings which have the sole objective of earning maximum money . A real comparator will use the legal consumer credit rate: APR rate to propose an objective classification. This is what our credit simulator offers. It allows to obtain the classification of the best rates with regard to the personal loan, the car loan, the mortgage and the repurchase of credit.

But that’s not all. Having noted that many organizations offered very low but often unattainable call rates, we have developed a system to obtain the best rate adapted to each individual’s file. In fact, the lowest rates are often reserved for the best files , if only because they are offered on very short repayment periods. However in this case the monthly payments of credit explode. We have therefore developed a system allowing everyone to know what better credit rate we can actually obtain.

Getting a credit simulation at the best rate is good, but actually getting the best rate is better.

Get the best rate

After performing a credit simulation, just click on “online request without commitment” or on the button below. You will then need to complete a credit questionnaire.

At the end of this questionnaire, our system will automatically send the request to the cheapest credit institution. This organization will give us an answer in principle in real time via an exclusive online credit system, an answer that we will post. Thus, after the credit simulation, each customer will know if he can really get the best rate. If it was not the case, it will be possible to obtain an answer from the organization classified 2nd and 3rd with a simple click.

It is the only system which makes it possible both to obtain an objective credit simulation but also a concrete answer as to the possibility of obtaining credit.

Example of car loan simulation

By performing a car loan simulation for the most requested financing, namely a car loan of 15,000 USD over 48 months, we obtain the following comparison:

  • Best fixed taeg rate car loan: 2.40% monthly payment: $ 327.88 cost of credit: $ 738.24
  • Less good fixed taeg car loan rate: 6.55% monthly payment: $ 354.76 credit cost: $ 2,028.48

A difference this more than 1200 $ for exactly the same car loan!

Direct access to the auto loan comparator

Important : these simulations are performed on the basis of the fixed APR rate (find out more about the APR).

Example of personal loan simulation

Personal loans are the most popular type of consumer credit. It is used to finance any type of project. There is no need to justify the use of the money made available. So let’s take the example of a $ 8,000 credit simulation over 60 months:

  • Best fixed taeg rate: 4.90% monthly payment: $ 150.21 cost of credit: $ 1,012.60
  • Lower fixed taeg rate: 6.58% monthly payment: $ 156.12 cost of credit: $ 1,367.20

Example of works credit simulation

In the same way, a simple work loan simulation shows that for an amount of $ 30,000 borrowed over 84 months, it is possible to save nearly $ 2,000:

  • Best fixed rate taeg for work loan: 4.50% monthly payment: $ 474.98 cost of credit: $ 4,198.56
  • Lower fixed rate taeg fixed work loan: 6.58% monthly payment: $ 502.72 cost of credit: $ 6,195.84

Home loan simulation

Home loan simulation

The home loan simulation works differently from the consumer credit simulation. Indeed, the rate that can be obtained depends mainly on:

  • the borrower’s financial situation
  • the location of the purchase
  • the type of property
  • the type of investment

This is the reason why most mortgage credit simulators do not offer ranking of the best rates. As our approach is above all to compare and find the best rates, our mortgage simulation allows above all to find the cheapest offers adapted to each profile.

We therefore work as well with banks as with national or local brokers to ensure that we find the best tailor-made offer.

Simulation of credit repurchase

Simulation of credit repurchase

The repurchase of credit, still to denote grouping of credit, is the last large category which our credit simulator covers. The repurchase of credit is a specific offer which makes it possible to face difficult situations. Indeed, for one reason or another, we may find ourselves having to repay too many credits each month.

In this case, it is possible to combine all of your credits into a single new loan, the duration of which will be extended enough to obtain a reasonable monthly payment. The problem is that when you extend the duration of a loan, you greatly increase its total cost. Our credit simulation therefore makes it possible to vary the repayment duration to understand the consequences both on the fall in the monthly payment but also on the total cost of the credit in order to make an informed choice.

Online credit simulation

Online credit simulation

On the online credit simulation, there are really two optics. Either the online credit simulator offered is a calculator into which many parameters must be entered, including the rate. This type of online simulation is rather made to rough a project of real estate purchase. It allows you to assess the total cost of a loan or to determine the total amount that you can borrow based on the monthly payment that you are ready to repay.

The other type of online credit simulation is a simulator that integrates real market offers. It lets you know what the rates are and really see what financing plan everyone can claim.

Is Personal Loan The Solution To Pay Off Debts?

We already talked about blogging on how to get out of debt and also gave several tips on credit. By now, you should know that swapping debt can be a good option for paying less interest, right? So let’s talk about online loan to pay off debts.


Loan to settle debts

Loan to settle debts

Yes, it may seem crazy to some, but taking a loan may be the best solution for an indebted person as long as he meets some requirements. For starters, it is very important to understand what your current financial situation is and what debts you have. But how so?

It’s quite simple. Personal loan is a good solution to pay off debts whenever you have more expensive debts than this type of credit. This happens when you are on a revolving card, overdraft, or with some overdue accounts that have high interest rates.

But it is no use just having a more expensive debt. It is crucial that before making this “debt transfer” the consumer is fully aware of his budget and his ability to repay the loan he is taking. This is because, as in other credit operations, default can cause consequences such as negation of the name.

One of the online loan possibilities for paying off debts is personal credit. By taking a loan from Loanico to repay debts, for example, the client requests a proposal and goes through a pre-analysis that takes less than three minutes to generate a result on the order.

The customer who is pre-approved then finds out what their fees are, what limit is available to them and how much the installments are for each form of payment. At Loanico you can pay the credit in 12, 18, 24 or 30 months and take values ​​between $ 2,500 and $ 50,000.

Once the documentation is approved, the customer receives an email informing them of their approval and proceeds to the verification of their checking account, receipt of slips and digital signature of the contract. All done quickly and uncomplicated on the Loanico website.

With everything right and confirmed, the money goes into the account within 1 business day and you can now pay your debts.


What are the other types of loan?

Beware of your personal data!

There are other types of loan that can also help anyone who wants to consolidate debts. Options include secured and payroll loans. They usually have lower interest rates than revolving and overdraft. However, it should be noted that these are credits that meet various customer requirements.


What if I am already negative?

money loan

If you have a CPF irregularity, there is a problem. This is because loan interest rates for negatives is very high. So taking such a credit to pay off a debt may not be the best option. In this case you need to analyze where the rate is lowest and the installments fit in your pocket.

You must always understand the best alternative to stabilize your financial health and not hurt yourself further. Keep reading our blog to understand how to act in certain situations.

Best credit: which loan to choose for each project?

Find the best credit thanks to the N ° 1 credit comparator on the web and take advantage of the lowest rates: Welcome to Bankate! We will find the best credit adapted to your project and your file.

Best credit: what criteria?

Best credit: what criteria?

For Bankate, to obtain the best credit, there are only two criteria:

  • Get the lowest rate
  • Get a loan agreement and cash quickly

Get the best credit at the best rate

Get the best credit at the best rate

To get the best credit, you have to be able to compare all the offers with the same criteria.

It is the consumer credit law that defined this criterion: the annual effective annual rate TAEG. This rate takes into account both the interest which will be invoiced to you as the reimbursement is made and the various fees which may be required at the time of subscription. For revolving credit, it is the variable APR (note it may change over time) for depreciable credit, it is the fixed APR. We will therefore measure the best credit thanks to this APR.

How to get cheap credit and therefore the best credit?

Your best bet is to compete and look at the rates charged by different credit agencies. This is important but can be tedious. This is why Bankate regularly examines all the offers from the main organizations and offers you the ranking of the best credit whatever your need. You will then simply find the best rate suited to your needs.

The best credit: proof by example

The best credit: proof by example

After the theory, let’s move on to practice. For this demonstration, we will take the example of a 10,000 USD credit over 60 months and we will compare the offers of the largest organizations (you can check it yourself on our best credit comparator).

Best credit: Taeg fixes 5.50% for a monthly payment of 190.39 USD -> total amount of interest: 1423.40 USD
Average credit: Taeg fixes 6.20% for a monthly payment of 193.47 USD -> total amount of interest: 1608.20 USD
Most expensive credit: Taeg fixes 9.77% for a monthly payment of 209.33 USD -> total amount of interest: 2559.80 USD

This example allows you to understand easily that to find the best credit, you have an interest in comparing under penalty of paying a lot more for nothing…. For in our example, 10,000 USD is 10,000 USD, whatever the organization that will lend you money.

And know that we could have done the exact same demonstration for many other amounts. For example the difference in the total cost of interest between the best credit 5000 USD and the most expensive over 60 months is more than 1000 USD too.

What is also important to have is that a good part of our competitors do not use this rate, frankly, they do not use any rate. The only ranking you will get in this case is that of the commissions they receive. Indeed, the more they are paid dearly by such and such, the more they will rank it up. And to avoid being fooled by the way they present things, the only way to ensure you get the best credit is to look if you see the rate mentioned in the ranking. If there is no rate, beware, it is that you are probably not choosing the best consumer credit. So don’t be fooled by a credit comparison counterfeit and choose the best one: Bankate!

Being accepted for the best credit

Being accepted for the best credit

Thanks to our comparator, we bring you the best credit at the click of a button. But that’s not all. You can then fill out the online credit application to find out if you are going to be pre-accepted. To find the best credit, it is important because the final acceptance is played in 2 stages.

A first step where you enter an online questionnaire to have a pre-agreement. This step is not engaging and lets you know if you are on track to get the best credit. You can even file multiple credit applications online with multiple agencies to choose from.
It is the second step which will be decisive. The one where you will have the credit contracts in front of you. You will be able to make the objective choice of the best credit and return only one file, the best.

Better credit: get the money quickly

Better credit: get the money quickly

As we just shared, to ensure you get a favorable opinion and access the best credit, it may be necessary to file several requests with different financial organizations in order to multiply the chances of obtaining an agreement. For consumer credit, you can do it quietly from your home on the websites of financial organizations by completing online credit questionnaires. For real estate loans or the repurchase of important credits, you will have to meet the banks or the brokers. We also advise you to Immoprêt for the best mortgage, it is the only broker not to take any fees from the client.

Once you have reached an agreement in principle, you will receive loan or credit agreement offers. If you want to be sure you get the best credit, check the rate (APR) indicated there because it may not correspond to the one that was presented to you at the start.
Indeed, credit organizations and banks can adapt the rate they will charge you to the level of risk they have assessed you for. The more risky they think you are, the higher the rate charged could be. So you have to be very careful to get the best credit.

Once your contract signed and all the documents in your file validated, the organization will put between 48H and 72H to make the funds available to you. To obtain the best credit in summary, from the moment when you obtain an agreement in principle on the internet, count 2 to 3 days to receive the credit offers, count 2 to 3 days to constitute your file (you can anticipate), count 2 to 3 days for your file to arrive at the credit organization, 1 to 2 days for it to be definitively studied and finally 2 to 3 days for the funds to reach your account.

Conclusion to get the best rate: Use the Bankate credit comparison tool when defining your project and get the best credit from the main financial organizations.
Complete the online credit questionnaire and get an agreement in principle for your credit. You can submit several requests to several credit organizations.

Complete the contract for the best credit and build your file with all the supporting documents requested. You must send this file to the organization you have selected. Once the organization definitively validates your credit request, you will get the funds in 3 or 4 days.

In conclusion, from the moment you have chosen the best credit and completed the online questionnaire, you will have the money as quickly as possible after about 10 days. Depending on your need for money, you may need to adapt or anticipate.

Which organization offers the best credit?

Which organization offers the best credit?

In reality, each organization offers the best credit on part of the requests. Some are able to offer very attractive rates for terms of 12 months regardless of the amount borrowed while others are able to offer attractive rates over 60 or 72 months, which is rather the case for the best credit 15,000 USD. . This is why Bankate reconstructs the best credit grid using the best rates from each credit organization.

As we demonstrated above, all of this is not trivial. Of course in absolute terms, it is very annoying not to succeed in obtaining the best loan but beyond that, on the best car loan or work loan or even personal loan, it is not only pride that going to be hit if you don’t take the time to compare. We are talking about thousands of USD difference! For exactly the same extra product! Imagine, for exactly the same thing, you pay 2500 USD on one side and you cross the street, it’s 5000 USD !! Better not to be wrong on the sidewalk !!

Credit Debt Consolidation Loan – Organize Your Finances



There are always many more features to use the loans.

There are always many more features to use the loans.

In Britain, you can find suitable financing strategies and meet all your personal and professional needs.
A selection is debt consolidation, where you mortgage directly into one and consolidate all major mortgage payment debts. Then you are able to takeout a loan and use your property along with the money from your mortgage after you can payoff creditors as collateral.

Mortgages with a single parent are home loans that can be created specifically to work well with those who live with only one income. As it’s much more complicated if you don’t have the backup income to produce funds, this is a way for single parents to get a home loan. The only thing you have to complete is to find a bank and get authorization. Distinct organizations that specialize in financial aid for many that design mortgage keepers alone for individual parents.

Finding a homeloan from a credit union is now easier in the same way.

Finding a homeloan from a credit union is now easier in the same way.

The amount of real estate loans has risen, and even the prices are about two-hundred per bank charges.
A big bullish story is in China. But just like different cultivation areas, it is a prolonged narrative phrase, centered in the morning, when these countries undoubtedly make themselves wean from financial crutch exports to the progress of the North-West. We’re closing in on this point, but we’re not really there anyway.

Although there are certainly a great deal of lenders in the market, finding low-cost loans depends significantly on your home insurance standing and your credit health. If your credit history is decent enough with good income tax debt (DTI), then creditors will be more willing to offer competitive rates.

You and your financial institution can discuss if you are in financial difficulties. Tell them how the total amount can be paid by you, and give them a notion of a program actually. Because it can be assumed is much less complicated,.

6 Advantages of Online Personal Loan

Nowadays, consumers have the possibility to get a fast loan without leaving home and using the internet. Popularly called online loan, it is new to the Brazilian market. After all, what is the best about personal loans from traditional banks and how to get it?

Advantages of Online Personal Loan

1. No need to leave home

stay home

Are you busy waiting for that internet purchase for your business and can’t leave? At the same time, do you need to apply for a loan you want to use as working capital to give your business a breath, or to make a debt transfer? If you opt for the online personal loan you can do this while waiting for your application or doing something else.

One of the main complaints that people make when it comes to going to the banks is the long lines, because in addition to taking up a lot of time, the tiredness and stress they generate erode the institution’s relationship with the customer. This does not happen when making an online loan because the hiring process is virtual, so no queues and wherever you are.


2. Interest Rates

When you apply for a personal loan online, in addition to having more time to search, you can still find lower rates.


3. Possibility of comparison

loan comparison

Without leaving home you compare the rates of the institutions. Imagine if you had to go to various locations (physically) to find out which one has the best offer?


4. Time

No queue, whenever you need it and wherever you are. Online personal loan saves you money by paying less fees, and time, a lot of time. It takes just minutes to place your order and receive pre-approval and then you submit all the documentation over the internet. You don’t have to leave home, it’s very easy.

In banks, a credit review may take days and in some cases may take more than a week. The main reason for these long periods of time is the bureaucratic processes of banks. For sites that offer fast online loan , this delay is virtually nonexistent.

At Needico, for example, the average analysis time is three minutes. This ends up making the entire hiring process extremely agile and much more advantageous. Do you know why high interest rates? No? Learn more about it here!


5. Transparency

money loan

All information is available before you sign the loan agreement and even though the service is completely online, you can still talk to the call center. Best of all, this can be done via social media, email or phone.


6. A personalized interest rate for the personal loan.

Because the transaction is entirely digital, online lending sites are able to offer lower interest rates than banks, which makes borrowers more attractive.

Still have questions about online personal loan? Leave it in the comments!